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outdoor sports

Pay attention to the body when running

13/05/2013 16:44
  Sense of self is the body's natural response to life, physical changes signal. Self feeling divided into normal feeling and abnormal sensation.Running activities, abnormal sensation, should be suspended activities, medical diagnosis and treatment. Should pay attention to the following...

How to choose their own sports

07/05/2013 16:49
  The purpose of the campaign is naturally healthy, However, if the blind movement may not so good, for example, some of my friends need upper body movement, but during the running, also have such an effect, but not very, Visible Choose one that suits their movement is necessary. There are...

What kind of diet to lose weight the best

02/05/2013 10:56
  The World Health Organization estimates that more than one billion adults worldwide are overweight, 400 million people were suffering from obesity, there are twenty million children under five years of age are overweight. So why can not lose weight? With weight reduction and long rage weight...

Running three elements

23/04/2013 14:46
  Runners should remember that their energy is limited, but the effort is . Many coaches, researchers are studying effort. Here I will provide several running elements, I hope you can help. (A) Good running rhythm Good running rhythm is the running speed will not unsteadiness, to maintain a...

Morning run skills

22/04/2013 11:35
  Many people like the morning run, that considered morning run can be better to get exercise, .However, the morning run is to pay attention to skills, you know? The morning run give people a sense of accomplishment. You finish the steps, then in the rest of the time will feel more energetic,...

Fitness of young men

20/04/2013 15:17
  Human aging is inevitable, but as long as you keep exercising from now on, you will be able to maintain a youthful vitality. 20-25 years old. Sports medicine in this age group called "record-breaking age. This time the body is the heyday, heart rate, lung capacity, bone sensitivity,...


19/04/2013 19:59
hello every body ,I am Czech,very happy to be here to meet with you at a later date, I will be here with you to share the fun of sports to our lives.


Visitors notice

19/04/2013 13:57
Let your visitors know about news and events on your website as often as possible. You need to keep...

Website launched

19/04/2013 13:56
Our new website has been launched today. Tell your visitors why you have started a new...